Why I love The Founder: a story in 7 acts.

by Craig Cannon

Revelation from The Founder

Order is just another word for meaning. Disorder is a word for meaning that has yet to be discovered.

-- Dr. Ajay Kumar PHD, The Founder.

Pictured: Dr. Ajay Kumar PHD, The Founder. I love The Founder.

I love The Founder.

My Struggle: an Introduction

My story is a complex one. No amount of text can convey the love I have in my heart for The Founder. I love The Founder. No amount of text can properly convey the depth and profundity of The Founder's unique brilliance, intellect, and generosity. I love The Founder. But I will try. The Founder loves me. I love The Founder.

My story really starts after I was discharged from the Army (honorably). I didn't have any useful skills, and through a long chain of events wound up starring in, directing, or producing, over 250 adult films. I'm still proud of my adult film career. My magnum opus, Big Black Cannon 7, received over a dozen awards for cinematography, acting, and directing. I was very good at it. The Founder taught me that I should be proud of what I'm good at, especially if it's something unusual. I love The Founder

But adult films weren't for me. The disconnect in my brain between who I was, and who Mr. Cannon was had severe side effects elsewhere in my life. I developed a drug problem in order to cope. I became increasingly hostile and violent with those around me, including with my then-15-year old girlfriend, Jennifer.

Even though the adult film industry pays well, I still managed to spend away all my money. I had to rent out Jennifer to other men just to pay rent on our apartment. Amazingly, through thick and thin, Jennifer and I ended up married. She is currently pregnant with our first child. Now I wouldn't let any other man have Jennifer, except of course The Founder. I love The Founder.

But getting back to the story. The internal rage I had all boiled over one night, which I have since started to call The Incident. I'm not going to talk about The Indicent right now, because it's too complicated and too difficult. But I ended up going to prison over it.

My time in prison was rough, but I got through it. That's a whole set of stories in itself. But I got out eventually.

When I got out of prison, I found myself in the same position as when I got out of the army. Except this time I was older, and had a violent felony on my record. It was at this time that I met The Founder. I love The Founder.

It was only through The Founder's love, unique intellect, and powerful generosity, that I was able to stitch my life back together. I love The Founder.

It was through The Founder's love that I was able to get Jennifer back, and somehow talk her into marrying me and starting a family. I love The Founder.

I love The Founder. The Founder loves me. I love The Founder.

The details of my story are expounded in the following chapters. I implore you to read them.

It's impossible to understand The Founder's love without experiencing it first-hand. I love The Founder. But I think I came close.

See you in chapter 1. I love The Founder.


  1. Chapter 1: My early life and time in the army.
  2. Chapter 2: My drug addiction and adult film career
  3. Chapter 3: The Incident.
  4. Chapter 4: Prison.
  5. Chapter 5: Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  6. Chapter 6: Meeting The Founder
  7. Chapter 7: My new life with The Founder and Jennifer